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  • Halal

    Menu Original Lahore Hendon

    At Original Lahore Hendon, we offer quick service. We have a wide range of kebabs and traditional cuisines like biryani and curries. We also prepare great vegetarian dishes. One of the best dishes of our menu is the Lahore special. One bite of it will give you a tour to Pakistan. You can dive into the savoury taste of masalas and blends of various flavours. You can order food online or using the application. What is the actual meaning of happiness? This is what you get when you sit in the restaurant and grab a bite from the savoury dishes. Known for our kebabs, we have never failed to satisfy the kebab lovers! The meaning of kebab is 'to roast or grill' The thought of meat platter roasted in spices makes us hungry for them. As they slowly found a place in the modern cuisines of the world, more and more restaurants began to serve them. Many street stalls were opened for the same. There is a list of other Pakistani mix dishes and specials in the menu and the best can be summed up as lamb legs, karahi basera, pulao rice, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka, Seekh kebab, samosa (veg and non-veg), chicken biryani and Grilled king prawns. Karahi Basera is a dish of fresh quail cooked in a utensil called Karahi, using the common spices and the signature gravy sauce of the restaurant. All the ingredients used in the dishes are authentic. The rice used for pulao and biryani are handpicked from Pakistan and served in the plate for you. The dish brings the essence of Pakistani flavours and fragrance. The bread is authentic and grilled in the traditional grill and Tandoor in the unique clay oven. Whenever you feel deprived of proper Pakistani cuisine in London, you can go to Hendon and take a walk from the Hendon station to our kebab house. The mouth-watering, tasty, hot kebabs awaits you.

    About Original Lahore Hendon

    Located in the Brent Street, Hendon, Original Lahore Hendon is a popular Pakistani restaurant. There are many Pakistani restaurants in UK, but we take pride in being one of the most well-known ones because of our instant delivery and takeaways. We specialize in curries and kebabs.

    Lahore Kebab house opened as a tiny kebab eating point, which later grew into a food chain and branched up in Hendon, St Johns Wood and Norbury after 25 years of setting the standard for authentic kebabs. All the branches have been serving authentic kebabs ever since. These food chains brought the essence of Lahore streets in the dishes.



    Restaurant location Original Lahore Hendon

    Find us in London Our restaurant is located on 148-150 Brent Street, Hendon, London NW4 2DR

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