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About Original Lahore Hendon

Located in the Brent Street, Hendon, Original Lahore Hendon is a popular Pakistani restaurant. There are many Pakistani restaurants in UK, but we take pride in being one of the most well-known ones because of our instant delivery and takeaways. We specialize in curries and kebabs.

Lahore Kebab house opened as a tiny kebab eating point, which later grew into a food chain and branched up in Hendon, St Johns Wood and Norbury after 25 years of setting the standard for authentic kebabs. All the branches have been serving authentic kebabs ever since. These food chains brought the essence of Lahore streets in the dishes.



Original Lahore Hendon Restaurant

Find us in London Our restaurant is located on 148-150 Brent Street, Hendon, London NW4 2DR

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